Save up to 35% with Drivesave!

Drivesave allows you to get 30% discount on your AXA premium just for using a FREE smartphone app. As long as you continue to drive safely, you could earn up to 5% additional discount during the year.

Where can I download Drivesave?

Download our apps on Google Play or the Apple App Store

What is Drivesave?

Drivesave is a free app that uses smartphone technology to measure and reward safe driving. It records details of the vehicle’s geographic position, travelling speed, acceleration and braking severity which AXA can monitor.

In return, customers receive 30% up-front discount on their motor premium and an additional ‘cash-back’ discount of 5% during the year for good driving.

Can I use Drivesave?

  • Drivesave is available to drivers between the ages of 17-24
  • To be valid, you must record all journeys via the smartphone app

How do the discounts work?

Drivesave is not about occasionally exceeding the speed limit or watching you 24/7. Nor does it punish you if you brake suddenly to avoid an accident. Drivesave looks at your overall driving behaviour and scores you based on your long term profile.

The output will be a score ranging between 1 and 100, safer drivers score higher. If you average 70+ in a six month period, and comply with the Drivesave terms and conditions, we will give you up to 5% in extra discounts during the year.