AXA Home Insurance Claims Prevention

Home Insurance Claims Prevention

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We are committed to paying home insurance claims and getting our customers' lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

How to prevent a home claim

AXA home insurance can help you to get your property repaired or replaced after a storm, burst pipes or many other misfortunes. But nothing can compensate you for the stress (and distress) that serious damage to your home can bring to your every day life.

The fact that basics such as running water or clean clothing may not be readily available to you are often more traumatic than damage to floors or walls.

You also have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to keep your property safe.

AXA Direct Insurance NI - Home insurance claims advice
  • Some claims advice to consider

    • Drain your water system if you will be away for a prolonged period of time (and leave a house key with your neighbour, just in case!).
    • If you own a holiday home it is a condition of your policy that you drain the water and switch off the electricity if the property is unoccupied during the winter months.
    • Check that your attic pipes are well insulated and leave the attic door ajar.
    • Find out where your water stop cock is. In the event of burst pipes, this will enable you to turn off the water immediately and minimize damage.
    • Programme your central heating system to come on intermittently.
    • Check for and replace loose roof tiles before they cause damage and injure someone.
    • Keep gutters, drains and gratings free of leaves and other debris.
    • And if you do suffer loss or damage to your property ring AXA first on 0345 828 2823.
    • If you have a holiday home holiday home you must switch off the water and electricity when unoccupied. This is a condition of your policy.
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AXA Direct Insurance NI - Home insurance claims advice
  • Holiday home and rental property owner

    IMPORTANT: You must turn off the mains water whenever your holiday home is unoccupied and you must appoint a responsible person to check the property regularly.

    If the building is unoccupied between the months of October and March, you must make sure:

    • The gas and/or electricity are turned off at the mains and all the electrical appliances are unplugged / disconnected from the supply other than those needed to maintain the central heating and alarm systems
    • The water systems are turned off at the mains and water and heating systems drained

    You will not have to drain the water and heating system if:

    • Your holiday home has a gas or oil fired central heating system set to operate continuously for 24 hours of each day (not controlled by a timing device)
    • There is an adequate fuel supply to ensure you can comply with the requirement.
    • The thermostat fitted to the central heating system is set to a minimum temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees celsius)
    • The loft hat, where fitted is left open