Frequently asked questions about Getting a quote

I don’t have a car registration. Can I still get a quote?

Yes you can still get a quote by selecting the vehicle make and model and this will produce an indicative price.

However, it is only when we have a registration number that we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

This quote will be based on an agreed set of assumptions.

I haven’t bought the car yet? Can I still get a quote?

Yes, you can still get a car insurance ireland quote. However, it is only when you complete the purchase that you can insure the car in your own name.

I have no previous insurance. Can I still get a quote online?

Yes. At AXA we offer online quotes for customers who have no previous insurance. Click here to get a quote and select "No previous insurance" to the question “What is your most recent insurance?”

I am thinking about buying a second car, will I be able to use my no claims discount again?

Unfortunately you cannot use your no claims discount twice. You can only use your no claims discount on one vehicle at any one time. However, you will be able to start earning another no claim discount if you take out a policy on a second car.

What is no claims discount?

Your no claims discount, or 'bonus' as it is often called, is the amount of years you have held an insurance policy and not claimed on it. Based on the number of years you have been claims free your insurer will reduce your premium.

Terms and conditions apply.

What is named driving experience?

Named driving experience works on the similar basis as no claims discount. If you are named as a driver on someone else’s policy you will earn a discount for your claims free years on that policy.

Please contact your insurance company to confirm your named driving experience entitlement.

Terms and conditions apply.

I don’t know when my current policy expires.

Your policy expiration date / renewal date will be detailed on your renewal notice from your current insurer. You can also find the expiry date of your existing policy on your insurance certificate.

If you have not got this to hand, you can contact your current insurer directly.

I had a claim. Can I still get a quote?

We may still be able to offer you a quotation based on your previous experience. You must provide us with the full details of the claim. Click here to get a quote.

I had a claim, what claims details do I need to get a quote?

When filling out the quotation form we will ask you:

  • Which driver does the claim relate to?
  • The date of claim
  • The type of claim
  • Has the claim been settled?
  • How much was paid out to settle the claim?

What is a third party claim?

A third party claim is when there is damage caused to someone else's vehicle(s) or injury to a third party as a result of an accident.

What is an accidental damage claim?

An accidental damage claim occurs when there was no other vehicle(s) involved, e.g. you reverse into a pillar and you claim for the damage to your own car.

What is a theft claim?

Theft claim is theft or attempted theft of the car insured on your policy.

How can I tell that my claim was settled?

Once your claim is settled your insurance company will write to you advising you of the same. You will also be able to find this information on the renewal notice issued after the claim was settled.

Alternatively you can contact your previous insurer directly and clarify this.

I do not know the settlement amount for my claim, where can I find this information?

This information would have been issued to you in writing when the claim was settled. You will be able to find this information on the renewal notice or certificate of no claims discount issued after the claim was settled.

Alternatively you can contact your previous insurer directly and clarify this.

How can I calculate the amount I should insure my contents for?

Your contents sum insured should represent the total value of the possessions in your home. The general rule is that contents are all items that you would take with you if were to move home, in other words “moveable objects”.

For example, this will include;
  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Personal belongings

You should also take into account items such as;

  • Curtains
  • Carpets

Can I get a quotation for taxi insurance?

AXA no longer provide taxi insurance directly to new customers but we do offer cover via Insurance Brokers. For a quotation, please contact your local Broker.

I hold a provisional licence / learner permit. Am I allowed to drive on my own?

Unfortunately no, by law you are not allowed to drive on your own if you hold a provisional UK licence. For your own safety you must always be accompanied by a fully licenced driver, who has held their full licence for a minimum of 2 years.

How can I calculate the amount I should insure my buildings for?

To calculate how much you should insure your property for, you need to calculate the rebuilding costs of your home. This is the amount of money needed to rebuild your home from scratch.

When calculating this amount you will need to take into account the price of labour and materials as well as the cost of the site clearance. The calculation should also include any outbuildings/ sheds boundary walls located on your property.

Please note: that the current market value of your home is not the rebuilding cost of the property, as it takes into account the land on which your home is built. If in doubt we recommend visiting the Association of British Insurers website and using their calculator to work out the rebuilding cost.