Drivesave frequently asked questions

This FAQ has been created to answer most of your queries about DriveSave. Should you not find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us on 02890 020104.

Top App Questions

  • Can all phones download the AXA Drivesave app?

    Customers will need an iPhone or an Android phone to run the AXA Drivesave app. The app will not work on any other type of phone.

  • What happens if you are not using the app correctly?

    AXA will contact you to understand the reasons why you are not using the app.

  • What essential information do you need to know about the app?

    • You must download the app onto your mobile phone and begin recording your trips on that phone within 7 days of incepting your policy
    • You must record all trips on your app
    • You must record a minimum of 400 km (250 miles) over any 90 day assessment period
    • You must record at least 90 trips over any 90 day assessment period
    • You must record a trip on your app at least once every 21 days
    • The app must be used by you when driving your own car and should not be used by anybody else

About Drivesave

  • What is AXA’s Drivesave offer?

    Drivesave requires customers to record all their journeys on a smartphone app. This app records details of the vehicle’s geographic position, travelling speed, acceleration and braking severity which AXA can monitor. In return, customers can receive a substantial up-front discount on their motor premium and an additional ‘cash-back’ discount during the year for good driving.

  • Who qualifies for Drivesave?

    All drivers (on a full or provisional licence) who are under 25 can qualify for Drivesave.

  • How will AXA evaluate your driving?

    Many factors will influence the way we rate your driving. These factors are all based on data we receive from the app and will include braking, acceleration, cornering and speeding.

  • What additional discounts apply to Drivesave?

    Customers have the opportunity to earn an additional 5% cash back discount during the course of their policy. This is paid mid term in a single instalment and is based on your driver scores throughout the year.

  • Can I have named drivers on my Drivesave policy?

    Yes, you can add your parents as named drivers. No one else can be added as a named driver on a Drivesave policy.

The App

  • How does the app measure my driving?

    The app uses GPS to measure and record the customer’s driving characteristics, including speed, distance, cornering and braking. The system knows that sudden hard breaking is occasionally necessary so an individual event will not impact on a customer’s overall score. Instead, the system compares each person’s driving patterns against data collected from other drivers. The output will be a score ranging between 1 and 100. Safer drivers score higher.

  • What do I have to do with the app?

    The Drivesave app will record your trips automatically with its Autostart feature. Simply go to the app settings and switch Autostart to 'on' and the app will start and stop recording all your trips hassle free. Alternatively, you can hit the ‘Start’ button on your app. Once you have completed the trip hit ‘Stop’ and the data will transmit.

  • Will the app drain the battery on my mobile phone?

    When the app is recording a trip it uses the GPS on the phone. This uses no more battery power than any other accurate GPS app. We recommend using a car charger if you are planning to go on a long trip, but this depends on the battery, age, type of the device.

  • What happens to the app if I sell my car?

    The app remains with your smartphone so your score is calculated on whatever vehicle you are insured to drive. If you change cars mid-term this will be processed as normal without any change to the app.

  • Do you have to pay to have the app installed?

    No. The app will be free for DriveSave customers.

  • Can all phones download the AXA Drivesave app?

    You need to have an iPhone or Android phone to run the AXA Drivesave app.

  • How large is the app?

    The AXA Drivesave app will be less than 15MB in size.

  • Is the policy in force while I am waiting for the app to be installed?

    Yes, the policy will operate from whatever date AXA agree with you.

  • Where do I send queries or feedback that I have on the app?

    Any queries or feedback should be sent to the Drivesave team at
  • What is Autostart?

    The Autostart feature allows you to record your trips automatically. Just switch it on in settings to activate. Once activated it will record your trips for you without you having to press start and stop each time. You can pause Autostart if you do not wish it to record a trip.

Installation Process

  • What happens after I take out a Drivesave policy?

    • You will receive a text message from AXA with instructions on how to download the app.
    • You will later receive a welcome pack that includes a welcome letter, a list of frequently asked questions and a copy of the app terms and conditions.
    • You will also receive your standard policy documentation (Insurance certificate and window disc).
  • What do I do after receiving the text message?

    Simply click on the link provided in the text message. This will bring you to the AXA website where you can select to download the app from either the Google or Apple store.

  • What do I have to do after downloading the app?

    You must enter your name, e-mail address and mobile phone number into the app. The e-mail and phone number must match the information that has been given to AXA.

    Then simply click “Register”, the app opens and the customer is ready to start driving.

  • What do I do if I cannot download the app?

    Contact the Drivesave team on 01 877 6787. You can also email the Drivesave team at

  • What do I do if I cannot register my details on the app?

    Ensure that you are entering the exact same email address and phone number that you provided to AXA. No international prefixes should be used in the phone number.

    If the problem persists then you should contact the Drivesave team on 01 877 6787. You can also email the Drivesave team at

  • What do I do if I have not received the text message with the link to download the app?

    You should receive a text message with a link to download your app within 2 working days. If you have not received the text message then please call the Drivesave team on 01 877 6787. You can also email the Drivesave team at

  • How can I find the app in the app stores?

    The links to the Apple and Android app stores are on the AXA website and on the Drivesave page below:

  • I have reinstalled my app and now I can’t register. What do I do?

    When you try to register the app will automatically send you an email to unlock your account. Simply open the mail and click on the link. This will unlock your account and allow you to re-register.

  • Will AXA reward good driving scores?

    Yes. You will receive 5% of your premium back if:

    • Your overall driving score exceeds 70 for the review period, and
    • You have met all of the terms and conditions for app use.
  • How do I get my ‘Cash back’?

    AXA will monitor your driving scores at the review period. If they meet the criteria, we will send you out a cheque!

  • Who will have access to my Driving Data?

    The data from your car will be relayed to our supplier Jeniot only. They will collate all information and transmit it safely and securely to AXA Insurance. Jeniot will not be able to link a customers’ identity to the data they collect.

  • Is my driving data secure?

    The data we collect will adhere to the high standards that AXA applies for all customer data collected. We will not share your personal data with any other party except where we are legally obligated to do so or where you, the customer has given us your consent.

  • What will my driving information be used for?

    Your driving information will be reviewed mid-term. Should a score of 70 or above be achieved and the minimum driving criteria (listed above) be met then a 5% refund of the calculated premium paid will be made to you.

  • Will the AXA Drivesave app be used to track my movements?

    No, Drivesave is designed to allow drivers more control over what they pay for their insurance, allowing safe drivers to pay less. Drivesave looks at a customer driving behaviour rather than where they are going.

  • What will the data transmission cost?

    Typically if a customer drives 1,000km/625miles per month, they can expect to use about 1MB per month of data. Mobile phone data charges may apply. If a customer is concerned about data charges, or do not have a data contract, they can use Wi-Fi to transfer data and receive scores for free.

  • What happens if I drive out of my normal network range?

    If your roaming is turned off the app will continue to record the trip and once you are back in normal network coverage the app will transmit the data.

    If you have data roaming turned on and you complete a trip outside of your home territory the app will automatically use your roaming data to upload the trip and give you the driving score. Depending on your network this may be costly. However AXA and MyDrive do not benefit in any way from this extra charge.

    We recommend that you turn off roaming and either use data in your home territory or Wi-Fi when abroad to receive your scores. This may result in a delay in the trip being scored, but no loss of data and no excessive network charges will be incurred.

  • Do I have to upload the data regularly?

    It is advisable that you ensure that your trips are uploaded and scored every 72 hours; this will ensure that all trip data is recorded for all trips.


  • What happens if I change my phone?

    If you change your phone during the term of the policy you can simply download the AXA Drivesave app from the Google or Apple stores. All of your previous driving information will be retained. There is a link to each app store on the DriveSave page of the AXA website.

  • What happens if I do not have a compatible phone?

    The AXA Drivesave app operates across Android and iPhone systems only so if your phone is not compatible then we cannot offer you Drivesave.

  • What happens if other drivers use my car?

    The AXA Drivesave app monitors customers driving so if someone else is driving their car they should not activate the app. If any named drivers are driving they must not activate the app.