AXA claims FAQs

Welcome to our claims frequently asked questions. We're here to help, please call us on 0345 828 2823.

How will a claim affect my no claims discount? More

Our uninsured driver promise

If you make a claim for an accident that is not your fault and the driver of the car that hits you is not insured, you will not loose your no claims discount your excess will have to be paid.

Protected No claims bonus

You can purchase this cover for an additional charge

If we have made payments, including those not claimed back from another person, the claim will count against your No Claims Discount. The discount amount will be in accordance with the No Claims Discount scale at the time of your renewal.

Your No Claims discount will not be affected by claims for:

  • Fire or theft
  • Glass breakage
  • Personal belongings & replacement locks
  • Emergency treatment the law says we must pay
  • Any payments which we later get back in full

What type of information will you need from me? More

Help us Help you
  • Make sure you have the names and addresses, phone numbers of any drivers, passengers or pedestrians
  • Names of witnesses
  • Other driver registration & Insurance details
  • A diagram of the accident scene is often helpful- road layout , position of other cars.
  • If you have a mobile phone camera, take photographs of the accident scene and damage to all vehicles. These can be e-mailed or posted to us to assist with processing your claim.
  • Even if you do not plan to make a claim please call us on 0345 828 2823

How will you communicate with me? More

When you are notifying your claim let us know your preference either letter, e-mail or text to your mobile phone.

Will you inspect my vehicle and how long will it take? More

Your vehicle will be inspected by an AXA Engineer. The inspection normally takes place 48 hours after the vehicle is on site in the garage and an estimate has been provided.

What happens if an accident is not my fault? More

If you have Comprehensive cover you can claim for the damage to your vehicle under your policy. We will investigate the circumstances, once we have confirmation from the at fault driver’s Insurer that they will reimburse any payments we make, your discount will be reinstated. We will also ask the at fault driver’s Insurer permission to waive your policy excess.

If you have Third party cover only you must direct your claim to the At fault Drivers Insurer.

What if the other driver disputes the accident circumstances? More

As our customer you are our priority, we will provide the services you require to put you back on the road, subject to your policy terms and conditions. Please read this

We will fully investigate the circumstances and decide whether to contest liability or settle on best terms available with the other driver or their representative.

What do I do if I damage my windscreen? More

With AXA Car insurance, we will cover the cost of having your glass replaced or repaired without affecting your No Claims Discount*. This includes replacing or repairing broken or damaged windscreens and windows of your car. If you have glass breakage cover and want to make a claim, you must telephone us on 0345 828 2823 before any repair/replacement work is carried out. If you use one of our nominated repairer (Autoglass) cover will be unlimited**

  • * Glass cover is automatic if you have comprehensive insurance. You can add it to a Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft policy for an additional premium.
  • ** If you use your own repairer, cover will be limited to 150 for replacement glass.

What is a total loss/ Write off? More

This is when our Engineer assesses your vehicle as uneconomical to repair. If this is the case we will need the vehicle keys and V5 Registration document. It is recommended that you send these by Registered Mail. We will settle your claim by replacing your vehicle or by paying the market value (or purchase price of your car which ever is the lower).

As part of settling your claim your vehicle will become AXA property.

If you are involved in a serious accident and you think your car may be assessed as a Total loss/Write off phone 0345 828 2823, we will contact our Salvage operators and arrange for collection of your vehicle from the roadside.

How long will it take to settle my claim? More

This will depend on the complexity of the claim. Some claims require more investigation and also negotiations with other parties involved in the incident. Our promise to you is to put you back on the road as soon as reasonably possible.

What is a policy excess? More

An excess is the amount payable by you in relation to accidental damage caused to your vehicle. Please check your policy booklet and your schedule of insurance, these documents will tell you the excess amount applicable to your claim. The total excess payable is a combination of Compulsory, Young Driver and Voluntary amounts. If you are not at fault for an accident we may contact the at fault drivers Insurers to confirm re-imbursement to AXA of all monies paid, in which case your excess will be waived.

What happens if my car is stolen? More

You must report the incident to the PSNI. To assist us with your claim we will ask you for the following:

  • Police station the incident was reported to, crime reference number
  • Keys, V5 & MOT cert. It is recommended that you send these by Registered Mail
  • The location of the vehicle
  • Advise if anyone has been apprehended

AXA will then appoint an Engineer to asses the damage, A courtesy car will be provided for 7 days. We will repair your vehicle if possible or offer you the market value or purchases price whichever is the lower, after our investigations have been completed.

Who repairs my vehicle? More

We have a network of Approved Garages to repair your vehicle. Use of the AXA Approved repairer network provides you with many Benefits (link to AD) and speeds up the claims process.

If you choose not to repair your car with an AXA Approved Repairer you may use a garage of your choice in which case AXA will:

  • Not provide you with a courtesy car for the duration
  • Will only pay what our engineer states it would have cost to repair your car in our Approved Repairer, if the cost of repairs the garage of your choice is higher.

How does the salvage process work? More

We will instruct our Salvage operator to collect your vehicle if we think it maybe a total loss/write off. Please leave your keys in the vehicle so that we can remove it safely. Once our Engineer has deemed your vehicle a total loss, they will contact you to agree a value for your vehicle. Once your claim has been accepted under the terms of your policy the salvage becomes the property of AXA Insurance.

Can AXA settle Third party claims without my agreement? More

We may take over and deal with the settlement of any claim in the name of the Insured driver.

I am not an AXA policy holder but I am an Innocent Third party in an accident with an AXA customer, Can AXA help me? More

Please phone us on 0345 828 2823 with details of the incident, including our policyholder’s registration. We will validate the accident circumstances and confirm our Insured’s acceptance of liability. Once this has been confirmed AXA will

  • Take care or your repairs or asses your vehicle as a total loss/write off
  • Provide you with a like for like replacement car
  • You will not have to pay an excess
  • Deal with injury claims
  • Deal with any uninsured losses you may have

What is AXA doing about fraud? More

At AXA, we have established the resources needed to balance effective fraud detection and prevention with excellent customer service. Fraud is not a victimless crime. At the very least, we all pay through higher insurance premiums and, at its most extreme, it can cause serious injury or even death.

Our vision is to protect the interests of our genuine customers at all times, while ensuring that fraudsters face real consequences for their actions. When someone intentionally tries to obtain insurance cover or a claim payment using false information, or by not telling us something they should have, we may cancel the policy, repudiate the entire claim (including the genuine parts), seek recovery of any outlays incurred and support a criminal prosecution. We may also share fraudsters' details with other insurers to help prevent recurrences.