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You’re in control of how much you save

Get the DriveSave policy and be rewarded for safe driving.

Keep your costs down



Just for signing up



If you keep driving safely during the year



If someone in your household is an existing AXA customer

AXA DriveSave - Key benefits

Save even more with DriveSave

  • You're in charge of how much you save

    Get big savings with our easy-to-use app that puts you in charge. You’ll save 30% just for signing up and an additional 5% cashback during the year if you keep driving safely.

  • Drive safely and save more, it’s that simple

    You know you’re a safe driver, but now you can prove it and save. Download our app and take safe driving to the next level. The DriveSave app uses your phone’s GPS to assess your speed, acceleration and braking. Score highly and get a discount on your insurance.

    DriveSave is designed for young drivers between 17 and 24 who want the save on their car insurance by driving safely.

  • More than just savings and flexible payments

    DriveSave is our most affordable option and offers the biggest discounts for young drivers. With simple monthly payment options, it’s perfect if you’re on a budget. As a new customer, you’ll get 30% off your premium right away.

AXA DriveSave - Key benefits

How it works

  • To get the discount, get the DriveSave policy and download our app. Once you register, start using the app within seven days and record each journey you take. You can only record journeys in your own car while you’re driving.

    Record 90 journeys in 90 days and after that, DriveSave will assess your driving and give you a score between 1 and 100. Score higher than 70 and you’ll get an additional 5% cashback refund during the year.

  • We’re here for young drivers

    1. Monthly payment options
    2. £250 personal belongings cover
    3. Discount if you’ve been claims-free, or a named driver on another policy for at least one year
    4. 10% off if someone in your household is an existing AXA customer
    5. 24/7/365 local customer support
    6. 24-hour claims helpline
    7. Access to MyAXA to easily manage your policy
Have questions? Find the answers to commonly asked questionsVisit DriveSave FAQs
DriveSave app on smartphone

DriveSave app

How do I get DriveSave?

Get your DriveSave policy and then download the app.

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