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Young Driver Insurance NI

Young driver car insurance, without the roadblocks

No tracking. Just great cover. Simple.

We want to help young drivers get on the road, and stay on the road

From taking the test to buying your first car; learning how to drive is an exciting – and challenging – process.

At AXA, we know much time and effort goes into getting on the road and we want to be there for you every step of the way. With our young driver insurance, we’re taking away some of the roadblocks so you’ve got all of the cover you need with none of the stress.

Car insurance for young drivers

Driving you forward with confidence

When it comes to young driver insurance, we’re doing things differently.

  • Outside the box

    We’ve promised to make things easier, so we’re trading in the little black box (driver app) for complete trust and transparency: We don’t need to track your driving to give you a competitive quote.

  • Hassle-free

    With MyAXA, you’ll be able to access your policy anywhere, anytime. Keeping on top of your payments has never been easier!

Car insurance for young drivers

Other benefits

As a young driver, we’re there for you – just like all our customers. With fully comprehensive cover, you’ll have access to the same, great benefits as all of our policy holders:

  • Save with safe driving

    For each year you don’t claim on your policy we’ll offer you a No Claims Discount in your renewal premium. For 5 years without a claim we’ll offer you a 75% discount.

  • Accident forgiveness

    Accidents happen. If you have one, or if someone makes a claim against you, you won’t lose your full discount.

  • Travel Europe

    Adventure calling? You’ll be covered to travel to Europe with your car for up to 90 days per year during your period of insurance.

  • Medical expenses and emergency treatments

    If you or a passenger are injured while travelling in your car we’ll cover up to £200 for medical expenses per person. We’ll also cover up to £200 towards emergency treatment.

  • Named driver experience

    Enjoy a discount on your policy if you’re aged 19+, have a full licence, been named on someone else’s policy for at least a year and are claims-free.

  • Stay on the road

    Cars can be unpredictable. Should you find yourself without one due to your car getting damaged as a result of an accident, we’ll give you a replacement car to tide you over until the repairs are completed. You must use an AXA-approved repairer. Comprehensive only.

  • Personal effects

    We will pay you up to £450 for personal belongings in your car that were lost or damaged as a result of accidental damage, fire or theft. You’ll have £450 cover for your portable belongings if your car is stolen. Comprehensive, third-party fire and theft only.

This is lifting the restrictions on young driver insurance.This is AXA.Get a quote
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