Generating electricity from landfill gas in Brazil

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We’re delighted to be working with our partners at Ecologi to fund innovative carbon offsetting projects around the world. Learn more about the Uberlândia landfills I and II project.

The objective of the Uberlândia landfills I and II project is to collect the landfill gas produced in the Uberlândia landfills and use it to generate electricity.

This project covers two landfill sites: Uberlândia landfill I which received 2,100,000 tonnes of domestic waste between 1995-2010; and Uberlândia landfill II which will receive 4,500,000 m3 of solid waste during its lifetime.

The implementation of this project will both prevent environmentally damaging methane from being released into the atmosphere, and export renewable electricity to the grid, avoiding the dispatch of the same amount of electricity from fossil-fuel based power plants in the Brazilian National Grid. Additionally, the project will provide labour capacity and income generation.

.A total capacity of 2.80 MW will be installed, composed of 2 engines with individual capacity of 1.4 MW each. The project is expected to produce 354,968 MWh of energy during its lifetime.

The above is taken from the original article on the Ecologi website which you can read here.

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