A lot more cover for a little more money

For complete peace of mind why not add these optional extras to your car insurance policy. And if you ever claim under them, your no claims discount won’t be affected!

Car insurance extras - what are they?

Protected No Claims Discount

Make two claims of any type, up to any value, in a three year period without losing your No Claims Discount.

You can even protect your no claims discount against any one claim no matter how big. Or you can take a higher excess (the amount you pay if you damage your car) for a lower premium as well as getting a 15% discount for buying online.

Car & Key Rescue*

24 hour breakdown assistance in Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We'll get you going following mechanical problems, a flat battery or even just a puncture. If you can't complete your journey, we'll arrange local towing and help to get you home or make alternative arrangements. We also offer lost, damaged or stolen car keys insurance. We will give you up to £1,500 toward replacing keys or fobs as well as up to £40 per day for up to three days car hire if you don't have a spare set. Claims won't affect your no-claims-discount.

*This is an optional add-on that can be purchased with your car insurance policy. Check your schedule to see if you have this cover.

Open Driving

Open Driving allows any driver aged 25-70 with a full Irish, UK or EU licence to drive your car with your permission.

With Open Driving from AXA you can be sure that everyone is covered without having to individually add them to your policy. Open driving covers any driver aged 25-70 with a full UK, Irish or EU licence while driving your car with your permission.

Glass Breakage

(Only if you don't have comprehensive cover)
Covers the cost or replacing or repairing windscreens, windows and sunroofs. No limit on the cost if you use a nominated AXA Supplier.

Comprehensive driving of other cars

Get Comprehensive cover when you drive someone else’s car excluding your spouse/partner’s car and hire cars (up to 2000cc and with the vehicle owners permission). If you have an accident whilst driving a car you don't own, we'll pay for damage to the car up to £30,000 as well as any third party claims made against you as the driver.

Injury to Driver

Personal accident cover for you or your named drivers when travelling in any motor vehicle

Legal Expenses

Allows you to pursue an uninsured driver or claim for uninsured expenses

Voluntary Excess

Pay a higher accidental damage excess and we will give you a discount on your premium